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How to know if a culture reference website is trustworthy

Hi guys (and girls)!

So you know, I know, everybody knows that doing research before coming to a new place is more than necessary. It’s essential, it’s vital. Yah! Go for it!

But wait! Don’t you believe whatever you see in the first page that Google leads you to? It’s time to recall the golden rule when researching on the Internet: taking in information with caution. Check if the website is trustworthy or not! Many pages can just be written by anyone (or even by an alien cat, like the page you are reading right now hahaha); and some of them give you false info. Following their tips may end up making you stand out like a sore thumb in your destination city or country.

So, here comes the question: how to choose a trustworthy culture reference?

There are many tips out there about the reliability of a website and I’m not gonna repeat any of them. The one and only tip that I will give you is my own thing. When you go to the website or open the app, look for the culture guides about your-home-country first! You know what the cultural truth is in your homeland. So you can judge if the tips are true or just ridiculous as hell. If the tips for your own countries are correct, okay, proceed to read about your destination. If the tips are weird, stay away from the website. Stay away from it, I mean!



2 thoughts on “How to know if a culture reference website is trustworthy

    1. Yeah, there are ones like that. I was searching for cultural tips in Taiwan when I found this website that offered those for many countries, including mine. I took a look at what they said about my home city and had a good time laughing at the so-called cultural tips. Then I closed the window and wrote this article haha ^__^


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