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Airport Tip: Go to VIP Customs Lines

Hi there!

Here comes another useful airport tip for you guys!

There are times when too many flights landing concurrently and every customs line is filled with countless passengers. No matter where you look, you can’t find a line with less than 50 persons queuing up. Is it gonna take you a whole 30 minutes just waiting in a line here?

Don’t be discouraged. Look further. There are customs lines reserved for VIP passengers or diplomats or even just for the crew. Go there. Simply ask the customs officers there if you can use this line, too. Mostly, they will say yes.

I have tried this many times before, and succeeded in every single time. These lines are for specific passengers, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot serve regular ones in busy times. So donot hesitate, all that you need to do is just ask.

So next time you find yourself landing in the mid of a crazy crowd of passengers, go to one of the VIP customs line and give it a try. Good luck!




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