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How To Avoid Losing The Items In Your Checked Baggage

Hi guys!

So have you ever heard of the very sad stories when someone lands and finds out that some items in their check baggage just vanishes mysteriously? Or, even worse, are you that someone?

Ok, let’s face the truth: our things can get stolen when we fly.

Having walked in and out of various airports (some specific ones among them are famous for the mysterious vanish of checked baggage items) without losing anything, I have some tricks to tell you:

1. Be aware of the danger! Do not think that your suitcases are completely safe once sealed. Customs officers have the right to open them up if they are deemed as suspicious. They have the key to open most of the suitcase locks out there. And if they don’t have one, they have the right to simply cut your suitcases open to check. And who knows what remain in your suitcases and what is gone after such a check. So, be aware!

2 Therefore, never ever (I mean, never ever, never ever, never eveeeeerrrrrrr) put valuable things in your check baggage. Fancy watches? Luxurious necklaces? No… my dear, their place is right there in the carry-on with you on board, not in your check baggage.

3. So you may tell me that you bring wonderful large-sized high-price beauty products and they are all over 100ml so you have no way but to put them into your big suitcases over there in the luggage belt? Okay, then make your beautiful bottles of perfume and lotion (and anything else) look as unattractive as possible:

  • Use dirty clothes to wrap around the box of the product.
  • Put each of the products separately from each other, in random corner of the suitcase.

This will discourage anyone from the wish of opening your suitcase and dig in different corners, going through all the dirty clothes to steal your cosmetic products. Yet I’m not fond of having to do this because we will have to sacrifice the elegance of smart and tidy packing. Unless you really really need to bring big bottles (as a gift, or for a specific purpose), go with small size and keep them in your carry-on.




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