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Protecting Your Make-up Brushes

Hi girls!


We girls love make-up. And we love our brushes. And we all know that we should wash those pretty, cute, lovely brushes frequently for the sake of hygiene. Yet after you wash your brushes, here comes the problem of the day: how – to – dry – them – up?

Have you ever found yourself looking at the clean yet wet brushes in your hands and knowing no place to put them? You can’t hang them up because they have no hooks. If you put them on a clean surface like your make-up table, they will wet the spot.

Okay now it is time to end this dilemma. Go get a net bag like mine:


After washing your brushes, put them into this bag and hang the bag in a dry (no direct sunlight), well-ventilated place. Guess what? Your brushes are dry safely and conveniently!

This type of bag can be used to dry small objects as well. You will find it pretty helpful! Go get one, my girls!






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