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IELTS Tip – How To Get Used To Academic Words

Hi guys!

Are you preparing for the IELTS test (Academic Module)?

The thing about this test is that you are required to use academic vocabulary. Is that annoying? How are you doing with it?

I scored band 8.0 overall last year and here is my tip to get used to academic words:

  • Download the Academic Word List here:
  • Put it into your smartphone, your tablet etc… and look at it anytime that you’ve got the chance. Even just for 30 seconds, take a look at several words there.
  • Do that repeatedly and you will find yourself extremely familiar with what is called academic vocabulary. You will start to use it more and more unconsciously. And here you go, the IELTS test is no more a mysterious land with strange vocabulary!

About the Academic Word List: it is a wonderful list made by a brilliant woman named Averil Coxhead. I love her! She is a true linguist!

Come on, guys! Good luck with your IELTS test!


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