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Airport Tip: What NOT To Wear To The Airport?

Hi travelers!

Are you going to the airport again? What are you going wear there? Indeed you can choose whatever you want; yet for the sake of getting through the airport security with ease, there are some certain items that you should NOT consider:

1/ A pair of boots

This is a NO! And I mean it, no.

Airport officers will ask you to take off your boots for security check. That’s pretty inconvenient and that takes time. The security area is not a place where you can take off and put on a pair of boots with ease or grace; in fact you will find the experience more or less awkward. If you really need your boots for the trip, keep them in your checked baggage.

2/ A shirt with built-in belt

We all know that we have to take off our belt at the security scanner. So stay away from belts if you can. In case you must wear belts, do not wear a built-in one. Imagine that terrible moment when you are asked to take off the shirt with the belt attached on it. Well… That’s gonna be one of your worst airport moments.

3/ A bra-like top inside a coat

There are girls that love to wear a bra-like top inside a fashionable coat. That’s sexy sometimes. Yet I would not recommend any girl to wear this to the airport. Why? Because you will need to take off your coat at the security scanner. Yeah, I once saw a girl almost cry when the customs officer asked her to take off her coat. Inside that coat she wore a top that was very similar to a bra. Much to her dismay, they made her take it off anyway. So, girls, if you do not want to risk showing your upper body in the airport, stay away from this type of fashion when you are choosing your outfit.

4/ A coat/ a scarf

Okay I know I know, we need coats and/or scarves to be warm on the airplane. Yet I would recommend you to put your coat/scarf into your carry-on and wear it after you have passed the security area. If you wear it right from the start, you will need to take it off, put it onto a tray to pass through the security scanner. For your information, the tray is far from being clean. People put their SHOES on it! So if you really don’t mind wearing a dirty coat/ scarf, you can ignore this tip.

5/ High heels

Many girls are gonna hate me for this. Yet high heels are not recommended. You have luggage to pull and lines to queue up. High heels are not much good friends of these activities. They are not comfortable on the airplane either (especially if you are going to sit in the economy class).







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