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Emergency Numbers In Taiwan


I hold a great love for Taiwan. I can’t describe how much I love this country.

In fact I’m going to study abroad there from the middle of this month!

So excited for my trip! And, of course, I’ve been on the process of  preparation.

I found some info that maybe helpful for any foreigners who are going to visit Taiwan.

One of those is about the emergency numbers. I do hope that I will never have to use them. Yet it is an obligation that you know the SOS numbers in your destination country.

So here you go:

Ambulance AND/ OR Fire: 119

Police: 110

Weather forecast: 166

Traffic info/ problem line: 168

Traffic info/ problem line for foreigners: (0800) 024-111

Tourism Bureau: 02-2349-1500

Visa Card International Service: 02-2546-3456



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