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Travel Tips: Tricks For Your Carry-On

Hi guys!

I’ve packed for flights for countless times in the past three years. Today I will share some tips on what you can do to have a satisfactory carry-on.

1. Remember This Number: 100

100 ml, which is equivalent to 3,4 oz, is the limit for any type of liquid that you are going to put into your carry-on. If your beauty products are in big sizes, prepare some small bottles to carry them with you.

2. Say No To No-No Items

No dangerous items (knife, gun, scissors etc…) should be in your carry-on. Or else you will get into big trouble.

I used to think that this is a common sense and everyone is aware of that. Until that day in Phnom Penh International Airport when I saw an airport officer stop a man and pull out from his carry-on suitcase several huge knives… Well…

3.  Lock Your Suitcase Before Putting It Into The Luggage Compartment

There are recorded cases of steals on board, which happened to the innocent suitcases in the luggage compartment. So make sure your suitcase will not be the next one.

4. Prepare A Cover For Your Back Pack/ Bag

If your carry-on is a back pack/ bag, you will probably want to put it under your seat to keep an eye on it. Firstly, that is not a very clean place (people put their shoes there anyway). Secondly, you and your neighbour on the plane may step on your back pack/ bag during the flight. So, for hygiene’s sake, prepare a black thin bag to cover it. A black resuable shopping bag will be your perfect choice.

5. At Least A Set Of Clean Clothes

Even if you have a checked baggage full of clothing, prepare at least a set of clean clothes in your carry-on. You will want to be well-equipped even when your checked luggage is lost.

6. Convenient Toilleteries

Travel-sized cleaning facial foam, tooth brush, baby wipes – they will help you to maintain personal hygiene in case your checked luggage does not land together with you.

7. A Small Bag To Keep Your Most Valuable Things

Your travel documents and wallet (and emergency medicine if you have some specific health problems) should never leave your side. Prepare a small bag for this and never let it out of your sight.

All right, happy packing!






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