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Tokyo Tower At Night

As a hardcore manga and anime fan, I was deeply impressed with Tokyo Tower when I was a child.

When I actually got there, the feeling was hard to describe. Even though there are more and more tourist attractions in Tokyo each year and the Tokyo Tower seems to be somewhat old-fashioned compared to them, I would still recommend this place to anyone who wants to experience the true taste of Tokyo.

The Tokyo Tower itself is magnificient, yet the view it offers is no less fascinating. If you are a J-Pop fan, you must have seen at least one broadcast from the Fuji Station with Tokyo Tower in the background since they are at the very two sides of Tokyo Bay. Therefore, from Tokyo Tower, you can have the view of Fuji Station together with the Rainbow Bridge across the Tokyo Bay.

And it’s a breathtaking scene.

Tokyo Bay, Rainbow Bridge & Fuji Station as viewed from Tokyo Tower (photo taken with my PnS Sony camera)



Some other photos that I took of the tower in 2014 and 2015




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