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Vocabulary Learning Tips: Let The New Words Slam Into Your World

Lately I’ve shared this IELTS tip:

IELTS Tip – How To Get Used To Academic Words

In the post, I’ve mentioned the use of smartphones or tablets. Then one friend of mine asked me how to use this list effectively while she does not possess those devices. As she is an officer worker, I advise her to make use of her PC’s screen.

First, open the Academic Word List and capture the whole list as screenshots (the list would turn to be some tens of photos). Then put all of these photos into a folder and set the folder as a collection of automatically alternative PC wallpapers. That way, everytime my friend looks at her PC wallpaper, she will see several words.And that is how the words will gradually get it to her mind.

That is not the only way. And it’s not only applicable to the Academic Word List. There are various methods that one can think of to make sure they have access to new vocabulary. No matter what your method is, I would stress on the importance of letting the new worlds slam into your world. Make them come into your eyesight. Do not write them onto flash cards and then leave the flash cards deep in your bag, thinking you will get it out and study one day in the future (which I’ve seen many people done). It does you no good.

So, get your vocabulary ready in front of you in any possible way.

Let them slam into your world and become yours!




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