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IELTS Tips: Top 5 Websites To Consult During IELTS Preparation


There are countless pages and websites related to the IELTS tets out there.

Here come my favourite list. They are sites that I would recommend my beloved little sister to consult, which means I trust them to no ends!

1. IELTS Simon


This is, without a doubt, the legendary website that any IELTS test taker should know!

Simon is an ex-examiner and he sets up this website to give IELTS lessons.

I am his fan. His essays are wonderful examples of “simplicity makes perfect”.

Again, this is the site that any IELTS test taker should know. If you are not following his site, do it right now. Reading his lessons is much better than wasting your money in some English centers.

2. The Oxford Dictionary

I cannot count how many online dictionaries are available on the Internet.

But none of them beats The Oxford Dictionary. Whether you are taking the IELTS test or not, as an English learner, you should use this dictionary as your main source of vocabulary reference.

3. The English Collocation Online

Here you go: OZDIC

Collocations make a difference. The more you look up for collocations, the more native your English sounds. That’s absolutely true.

4. The Saurus

Q: What is one of the most common mistakes that people make in IELTS Writing?

A: Repetition of words.

Q: How to avoid that?

A: Use a synonym dictionary, dearie!

Here you are: Thesaurus

5. IELTS Preparation @ Edx

My forever love of online learning: EDX.ORG

They offer classes of super high quality from the coolest univerities on Earth for free!

The good news is that they now have a course for IELTS Preparation. Why are you still hesitating? Come on! Go there! Register an account and enroll right now!

IELTS Academic Test Preparation @ Edx




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