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My Top 5 Websites For Learning French

Should this post be in French? Okay, let keep the main language of this blog English! And to be honest I will have a struggle writing a good French article hahaha

Pourtant j’adore le français hehe ^_^

So I’m a French lover and a French learner. I was planning to go to France this year for my further study when I suddenly discovered Taiwan. That’s a big change in location X”D.

Anyway, I’m a French learner and a French lover. So I invested quite sometimes studying the language. Of course the Internet is a great big wonderful help.

And here are my top 5 websites for learning French:

1. Larousse

The French dictionary of my life! If offers word definitions in a lot of pairs of language (my favourite is French – French anyway XD). It has wonderful examples and detailed suggestions. It leads you to many discoveries about the French language. It is perfect except for one thing: The page is too heavy and it takes too long to load.

Just when will they improve this point? T______T

2. Wiktionnaire

If there is anything that I can’t find on Larousse, I find it on Wiktionnaire.

It’s pretty up-to-date with many slangs and modern expressions. It has very easy-to-understand examples. And, for god’s sake, it is so damn fast.

Je t’aime, Wiktionnaire!

3. RFI Savoirs

Why do I feel like I’m talking about my first love when I’m talking about RFI Savoirs? Well, probably because during my first months with French, I went to RFI Savoirs every day for a listen of “Journal en français facile”.

The main news of the day will be summarized in easy French, with transcription, for French learners. And I miss those broadcasts so much. I’m actually listening to one right now. Oh oh oh, the jingle is just too nostalgic to me.

4. Le Monde

Le Monde… oh.. my nightmare! They have so damn difficult articles *crying*

Yet those are exactly what you will see in the DELF test.

So, as much a nightmare it is, Le Monde is still undeniably helpful for any DELF test takers.

So, come one guys!

5. Stéphane Lambiel @ Youtube



Okay, this is a personal favourite. My idol happens to be Swiss and he speaks French (his French voice is killing me, oh my love ~). Therefore I have a lot of inspiration and motivation to study the language. Listening to him and trying to mimic his accent are my endless pleasure.

You don’t necessarily love him like I do. Yet you can do a little research about French culture. Maybe you will find an actor, a singer or an athlete who speaks French and who will be your source of motivation. I’m telling you this, feelings matter when you learn languages. If you have affection for anything related to the tongue that you’re studying, you’re gonna do it much better than normal.

That’s true. There’s nothing truer than that.

Bon courage!




4 thoughts on “My Top 5 Websites For Learning French

  1. Wow, that was a kind funny post. I’m gonna look up on some of them. I got a question, you used to use just thoses website to learn? I’m also a language learner and I use lots of websites, besides some methodes and tecniques to learn.

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