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French Learning: Find Yourself A Native Pen Pal

Last year I got this piece of advice from my French teacher (who is a miraculous woman, Je vous aime bien Madame :”3). I had 3 hours of French sessions with her every week, yet that was not enough to satisfy my thirst for French language. Then she advised me to get a native pen pal.

So I went to francais facile, created an account and began searching for someone to talk to.

Among numerous talks that led to nowhere [and sometimes I encountered ones that were trying to lure people into some, eh, hard-to-describe activities hahaha =))], I – fortunately – found a very nice pen pal there. We became friends later on and he is definitely one of my most amiable buddies now.

By the way, Francais facile is a good source of materials for learning French, even when you are not interested in finding someone to talk to. It offers French lessons and exercises by topics. The exercises are mostly short and quite effective.

So, if you are a French learner, give it a try.


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