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Packing Tips For Studying Abroad: Part 2

Okay, so we have gone through “What not to pack” in the part 1 of my Packing Tips For Studying Abroad series. Now it’s time to look at what to pack.

Part 2: What To Pack

1. Medication

If you have any prescribed medication, bring them with you.

Prepare some more for your usual sickness. Ex: I often have fevers so I have some paracetamol in my bag.

Band-aid & several first-aid items.

All of them in your carry-on.

2. Clothes

Bring clothes for 2 weeks. You will do the laundry so 2 weeks’ clothes are more than enough.

And by 2 weeks of clothes I don’t mean 14 sets of clothing. You bring 3 pants, 2 skirts, 3 shirts, 3 t-shirts, 1 or 2 dress (okay, boys you don’t need the skirts and dresses, replace them with shorts) and you mix them into countless outfits. One jacket to layer up. One scarf ‘coz it’s gonna be extremely helpful. 2 or 3 sets of lounge wear, some undies, socks and you’re done.

Remember, one set of them should be in your carry-on. In case your luggage is lost, you will be thankful for having clean clothing in your bag.

3. Your technogolical buddies

Your laptop, your phone, your music player, your camera etc.. and their chargers X”D

All of them in your carry-on. In some countries, it is forbidden to put them in your checked luggage. Moreover, you risk breaking them or losing them if you leave them there.

4. Some gifts

Something special from your country as a gift your your house-mates, your host family or you classmates. They do not take up much space/ weight yet they will be great in helping you to introduce your country and to leave a good impression.

5. Misc things in your carry-on: Baby wipes, pens, compact umbrella and/ or convenient raincoat

All of these items are very light in weight and small in size yet they will give you great comforts.

6. Your degrees and certificates

In your carry-on, again. All the degrees, diplomas and certificates that you will need for your study, for paperwork in the new country etc.. should be with you. You will not want to be that student who pays for the DHL service just to get his diploma from his home country. That’s a shame, dearies!

Bear in mind that papers issued in your country sometimes need to be legalized by the destination country’s embassy before they can be used there. So before you go, do some research and have the papers legalized if necessary. (I have mine done and that’s so damn expensive but there’s no other ways)

7. For girls only

Several feminine products for your period. Do not bring big boxes of menstrual pads or tampons ‘coz it’s a waste of space. Just several pieces for emergency use before you buy some at the new place.

And your make-up things, haha. Do not overdo it. Pack them in the order that you often put on your make-up, that way you will only pack the necessary items.

8. Travel-sized toileteries

In your carry-on. You will buy toileteries when you get to the new country. Yet a travel-sized set should be always be with you.

9. Shoes

2 or 3 pairs of shoes that are durable regardless of weather. One for sports and long walks, one for formal situations, one for lounging around (which, in my case, is combined with the first pair)

10. Printed air tickets, house/ hotel address & emergency contact  in the destination country

Print out these things and keep them in your wallet.


11. Some small snacks

In your carry-on. They will entertain you during long flights and save you when you land at mid-night and can’t find food anywhere.


2 thoughts on “Packing Tips For Studying Abroad: Part 2

  1. The gifts are an excellent idea. I have learned to always bring some, even without necessarily knowing who I will give them to–and I have also learned that I never bring enough! What kinds of gifts do you bring? I like CDs of traditional music from my country, candy from the area where I live, and t-shirts. Special friends get books, if they are comfortable with reading in my language–books that every child read when I was a kid, or books that I loved as a child, or books about things that I know interest them.


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