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Useful Websites For Foreign Students In Taiwan

I had a short talk several days ago with another student who is also coming to Taipei soon. I recommended him to try to look for his accommodation ASAP because around this time, the good places are more likely to be taken. And he replied with “but I don’t even know where to look”. At that very point, it’s hard for me to keep up the conversation. My feeling is like, “What??? Am I talking with someone who just traveled across the time from the 1980s?”

It’s the era of the Internet and a college student from the US tells me he doesn’t know where to look for information! Okay, this is too hard for me to take in. At least, we always have Google, don’t we?

Anyway, here are my favorite websites about Taiwan, which I find extremely helpful:

  1. Forumosa Forum

A forum for expats in Taiwan. A very abundant source of info about what a foreigner may encounter during his/ her stay in Taiwan.

The forum is in English, entirely ❤

They have just changed the design from PHPBB to Discourse some days ago. I… eh, don’t quite love it. But maybe you will, haha.

  1. Tealit

Everything is here. Language exchange/ tutor ads, apartment for rent ads, entertainment ads etc… You can have a good time browsing this website for a lot of services in any city of Taiwan.

However, the website feels a little bit too crowded for my personal reference X”D Some apartment ads are without photos and that’s it.

  1. Fichet

Information about study in Taiwan: scholarship, competitions, education fairs and so on.

Their other website: Study in Taiwan

  1. Taiwan Immigration Office

Please, just please stop looking up visa information and customs regulation in travel agencies’ websites!!! I have seen too many people making this damn mistake then getting into big trouble and that annoys me to no ends. Just last week, one of my friends was lured by a visa agency to fake paper in order to enter Taiwan and it took me a whole damn hour to talk her out of that trap…

Why, why, why? Why don’t you go to the official website of your destination country’s Immigration Office??? People, why???

  1. Taiwan Railway

Everything about the railway transportation in Taiwan.

For High Speed Railway, you come here.

  1. RentalTW

Apartments for lease. Clear info, good service.

  1. Taipei Metro

If you are coming to Taipei, you’re gonna use the metro.

  1. Contact Taiwan

Want a job in Taiwan? This is the website for you!


We are living in 2016. If you speak English, you have access to the Internet and you do not make an effort to equip yourself with info – I will seriously consider the possibility that you are a time traveler. And if you ever find yourself losing some money or getting into some trouble because of a lack of info, well, you can’t blame anyone or anything but yourself then.

FYI, 3 years ago I once lost around 1000 bucks just because I was too lazy to search for information. I never really forgive myself for that, even until this very moment when I’m typing this phrase.






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