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What To Wear To The Airport

Okay, tomorrow night I’m gonna fly to Taiwan so this is just the right time to talk about what to wear to the airport.

I had made quite a lot of mistakes in choosing an airport outfit before actually finding the best one for me. Here it is:

1/ Top

I would go with a light cotton T-shirt.

First, it’s comfortable and airy.

Secondly, it survives long flights. When I get off the airplane after hours, the wrinkles on my T-shirt are barely any remarkable things.

Finally, it won’t make me feel sticky when I sweat. With all the luggage and moving before and after the flight, I don’t want to wear things that will heat me up (a polyester shirt, for example).

2/ Outer

A jacket to keep me warm on the airplane. Yet it will stay inside my bag until I have already passed the security scan. I don’t want to put it on at home, go to the airport security and take it off, place it in a tray where people place their shoes on. No!!!

A scarf is optional. It works pretty well as a light coat or a temporary pillow.

3/ Bottom

A pair of pants in dark color. A full length one.

It protects my legs from the coldness on the airplane and any possible scratches/ injuries during the whole travelling process from my home to the hotel at my destination.

I won’t go with light color because it will be a disaster in case of food/ drink spilling during the flight (which is not very unusual).

I choose a pair of pants that will not need a belt. I don’t want to go through the “taking belt off, putting belt back in” thing at the security scan.

4/ Shoes

I say no to open shoes. When something is dropped to my feet, that’ll be a pain.

No high-heels ‘coz that’s a bigger pain wearing those standing in lines or walking long distances.

I would go with slip-on shoes. They are just so damn convenient and good protectors for my feet. Running would not be a problem with them.

That’s mine favourite airport outfit.

If you also have a favourite one, tell me!


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