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the historic side of Taipei


In the photo: An alley in the ancient town of Wanhua District, Taipei

Yesterday I had a walk with Like It Formosa, which offers pretty cool tours of Taipei in English (some among them are free, the rest are very reasonably priced). Walking from 10:00 to 13:00 under the heat of Taiwan summer was so damn challenging to me, yet the tour is definitely worth joining.

We went through:

  • Longshan Temple which does not interest me because I’m not much of a temple fan.
  • The ancient town of Wanhua District: Ancient alleys, ancient hotels, ancient stores… The town was built from red bricks so it looks more or less “aztec” under the sunshine.
  • The Ximen Red House: An old building by the Japanese when they were in this island. It looks, to me, somewhat like the Notre-Dame de Saigon.
  • Some LGBT places. Taipei has always been famous for its open welcome towards the LGBT community. I’ll take a deeper look at this side of the city sooner or later.
  • The President’s Palace.
  • Cheng Kai Shek’s Memorial Hall.
  • National Theater and National Concert Hall.

I would recommend this tour for any visitors to Taipei. Yet it should be a better decision to choose the evening slot. Walking 3 hours under the August sun in Taipei is not-at-all comfortable.

P/S: Today is the registration day at my school X”D




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