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Protecting Your Make-up Brushes

Hi girls!


We girls love make-up. And we love our brushes. And we all know that we should wash those pretty, cute, lovely brushes frequently for the sake of hygiene. Yet after you wash your brushes, here comes the problem of the day: how – to – dry – them – up?

Have you ever found yourself looking at the clean yet wet brushes in your hands and knowing no place to put them? You can’t hang them up because they have no hooks. If you put them on a clean surface like your make-up table, they will wet the spot.

Okay now it is time to end this dilemma. Go get a net bag like mine:


After washing your brushes, put them into this bag and hang the bag in a dry (no direct sunlight), well-ventilated place. Guess what? Your brushes are dry safely and conveniently!

This type of bag can be used to dry small objects as well. You will find it pretty helpful! Go get one, my girls!





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Do your hair justice with olive oil

I’ve had my long hair cut short for hundreds of times. Each and every of them has one only reason: my hair got dry and damaged. It hurts (and annoys) me to touch. Above all, it looks terrible.

Until I decided to get into a lifetime relationship with olive oil. Every day when I go outside (or even when I just stay in) – I mean every single day – there is at least one person telling me how beautiful and healthy my hair look. Most importantly, I myself feel so damn satisfied on running my hands through the now glossy and smooth hair on my head, hahaha.

So here is the tip: Forget all the complicated unnecessary recipe that you have read about how to take care of your hair using olive oil (what the troublesome hell with all of that add-ons like eggs and butter and blah blah?). What you need to do is simply:

  • pour some olive oil onto your hand & apply the amount through your hair
  • repeat several times until all of your hair come into contact with the oil
  • tie your hair into a bun or a ponytail (the bun or the ponytail will be extremely tidy due to the effect of the oil in your hair so do not worry about them being uncomfortable for you) and go do whatever you need to do.
  • leave it like that for at least 2 hours. Against, at-least-2-hours. You can even go up to 6 or 8 hours if it’s possible.
  • wash your hair with shampoo 2 times. I mean 2-TIMES. First time with a little amount of shampoo and second time with a normal amount.
  • dry your hair a bit using a towel and sit with your back to a fan. Let the wind from the fan completely take out the rest of the water from your hair.

Done? Look into the mirror. Wonderful hair, isn’t it? Even without the need to use a comb, your hair will look (and be) extremely smooth, tidy and glossy.

Do this 2 times every week to keep your hair forever healthy and beautiful.

Come on, girls!