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The Food in Tainan

It’s Lunar New Year holidays and I made a 3-day, solo trip to Tainan with the money I earned from some competitions. Of course Tainan is famous as a historical site with many temples and museums, but the main thing that I wanted to do is to eat all the good food in this city.

With this determination in mind, I did treat myself to very delicious and special meals :3 Even though I did not meet nice people there (I found Tainan people to be very impolite to foreigners, whether it’s in restaurants, shops or bars – they often talk about foreign guests in Chinese or Taiwanese, probably assuming that the guests do not understand what they say) but I came there not for the food they cook, not for them.

So, here are my recommendation if you are to eat in Tainan:

1/ Zhou Shi Xia Juan (Zhou Shi Shrimp Roll/ 周氏蝦卷)

They have many stores and are famous for very nice food from shrimp.

2/ Niu Rou Tang (Beef Soup/ 牛肉湯)

I don’t know why Beef Noodle is promoted so much when they talk about Taiwanese food, it is really nothing compared to Beef Soup of Tainan. You definitely need to eat this soup when you come to this city. The most famous place is 文章牛肉湯(Wen Zhang Niu Rou Tang), but other stores are not bad either. I have tried various places that I saw on the street and they were all so good!

3/ Dou Hua (Soy Bean Jelly/ 豆花)

A perfectly soft and sweet dessert that you can find anywhere in Tainan. White Dou Hua is only available with ice, yet Black Dou Hua can be either hot or cold.

4/ Du Xiao Yue (度小月)

One of the top restaurants in Tainan with very reasonable price!

They have a wide range of food to offer but the top in their menu is their special noodle. You can see the photos in their website here:

5/ An Ping Lao Jie Dong Gua Cha (The Wintermelon Tea in An Ping Old Street 安平老街冬瓜茶)

When you walk along An Ping Old Street in Tainan, you will be attract by a really really warm and appealing smell from a store with a very big pan at its front door. That is the pan that the store owner uses to cook their Wintermelon tea and this is without a doubt the best drink I have ever had in Taiwan.

That’s my top 5 ~ If you ever come to Tainan, do not forget to eat as much as you can! ^_^

Happy Lunar New Year ^^~




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