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Taiwan Visitor Visa : How To Get The Flight Itinerary


Hi guys!

If you are applying for a visitor visa to Taiwan, you will be asked to provide a flight itinerary. That means you will need to give them a reservation for a round trip.

“But, wait!”, you may ask me, “I’m not sure if I can get the visa or not, how can I book my flight in advance?”

And if you are a student, you may just want to apply for a visitor visa and then change to resident visa once you get to Taiwan. Therefore you do not book a round trip. How can you get that reservation now?

Okay, don’t worry! Just go to the booking page of any airline companies who do not charge you for cancellation and book a trip without paying. Then submit the reservation form when you apply for a visa. Done!

What? You can’t find such an airline company? All the ones you know have a cancellation fee? Don’t worry, there is this one that you may have not known about: Vietnam Airlines!

Book a flight there, and when you are at the payment step, choose “pay later”. Of course you don’t pay, and after 24 hours, your reservation is not valid anymore. But it doesn’t matter. You already have the reservation form mailed to your inbox. And that’s all you need.

The good news is Vietnam Airlines has flights from many cities to Taipei. Today I searched for a fellow student in my university for a London-Taipei trip and Vietnam Airlines has one! Check their website, hopefully you will find your city there!

In case they’re not available in your country. Don’t worry, there must be at least one company in your place who offer the same cancellation policy. Search for an airline company that does not require you to pay at once by credit card or internet banking but gives you an offer to pay later at their counter. It’s the one! Go for it, people!


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