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10 Tips For Foreign Students Coming To Taipei For The First Time


Are you going to Taipei soon for the new schoolyear? If it’s a yes, okay we’re on the same boat XD

It’s not my first time to Taiwan so I kinda have some experiences.

Besides, I have Taiwanese friends so they give me pieces of advice.

Among those, I guess there are things that I should share with anyone who is going to Taipei.

1. It’s so damn hot there until Ocober, so be prepared, especially when you’re from cold countries. Check the clothes you’re bringing with you. Check if you have suncream or not.

2. From Taoyuan Airport, take a bus to the city. That’s the cheapest and most convenient way! No taxi unless you’re really rich and want to loose money at any cost haha. I should write about the bus in another post yet for now, you can consult the bus schedule and fare here: Taoyuan Airport’s Bus Info

3. Have some ideas of the metro map before you go. This is a must! If you come to Taipei with no knowledge of the metro map, it’s your fault when you get lost! At least you should know which MRT is the nearest to your school and hostel/ house. So, learn it now: Taipei Metro Map

4. If you enter with a Resident Visa, you will need to apply for an ARC before you can do anything with your life there. It takes around 14 days from application to issuance. Don’t waste those two weeks! Apply for an ID Number together with the ARC. The ID Number is issued on the spot and can replace the ARC in most of the activities you may want to go for.

5. It rains a lot during these months in Taiwan. So here are your arms: one convenient raincoat, one compact umbrella. They can be easily put in your bag and would be your saviors!

6. Buy an Easy Card. Do it right at the first time you use the metro. It will help you to save a lot of money and trouble. Mine was bought in 7/11. Every 7/11 sells this and 7/11 is everywhere in Taipei so you will have no difficulty finding one. Or just buy it at the metro station.

7. Mosquitoes are here. Especially in campus with water bodies. You may face some at the airport too if you land early in the morning. Prepare anti-mosquito cream.

8. Commonly, dorms in Taiwan universities do not provide you with bedding (sometimes neither do aparment for lease). Make sure you have time to buy a set of bedding before your first night in dorm.

9. Make sure you are not bringing any prohibited items to Taiwan. Check the customs regulations here: Taiwan Immigration Website

10. If you want to bring foreign currency, bring US dollars. USD is the most easy-to-exchange currency in the world. They accept USD everywhere and Taiwan is no exception. You will have a hard time finding a place to exchange other currencies if you’re new to the city.


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